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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Calling people to ALLAH: Is it my job?


What does it mean?
-         -  Da’wah means to invite, to call.
-          - Specifically, to invite or to call the non-Muslim to Islam.

Is it compulsory to do Da’wah?
-        -   Yes, it is compulsory for every Muslim.
-          - It is not only the responsibility of Ustaz and Ustazah alone.

Does Da’wah to the non-Muslim important in Islam?
-          - Yes, it is important!

Why is it important?
-          - Because in the Day of Judgement (yaumul Qiyamah), we will be ask by ALLAH either we had conveyed and spread HIS messages to the non-Muslim or not.

 What if I do Da’wah to the non-Muslim and yet, they still doesn’t want to come to Islam even I’ve try my best?
-          - Our responsibility is only to invite and to call them to Islam, and it is ALLAH who converts them to Islam.

I’m not good in doing da’wah. So I don’t think I can do da’wah…
-         -  You’re wrong. You know what…? In order to be good in da’wah, you have to start it! Only then you know what is ok what is not ok...it will improve your skills..

But still, I don’t think I can make da’wah... I’m really not good in it…T_T
-          - Chill out my dear friend…take a look at the well-known preacher such as Dr Zakir Naik, Nouman Ali Khan, Ahmad Deedat, and Abdul Raheem Green…they start with a very little things and look at them today.. don’t be afraid to make the 1st step… ;)

How am I supposed to do da’wah? I have no knowledge…
-          - You have no knowledge? Are you sure? You don’t even know that ALLAH is The Almighty etc? You don’t even know that stealing is not good? You don’t even know that Islam love peace? You know don’t you? So spread it out! That is knowledge! And most importantly, that is ALLAH’s message in the Quran! ;)

-          And plus, Rasulullah SAW says that,

بَلِّغُوْا عَنيِّ وَلَوْ آيَةٍ
"Convey from me even one verse."

I don’t do da’wah because I’m afraid if the non-Muslim ask me anything about Islam, and I don’t know the answer…
-         -  Let me tell you this…

:: if they ask you a question, you don’t know the answer, go find your ustaz and ask him… once you got the answer,  go back to that person and tell him the answer…its easy ;)

-          Looking at the positive side; you also gain the knowledge!

So what are you waiting for?
-          - Ah, really. I don’t think I can do da’wah.

If so, then do da’wah by;
-          - Practice all the good value that Islam has proposed.
-          - Show a good manner or akhlak, so that other can copy you.
-         -  Respect people although they are non-Muslim.
-         - To the non-Muslim, be kind to them so that they will be attracted to Islam as Islam itself means peace.
-          - Smile to them if you meet them and approach them with a proper way.


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