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Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Let's have a Cup of Coffee..."- Abdillah

Just say ALHAMDULILLAH or Thank You ALLAH...
Only then, you'll feel enough, insyaALLAH...

In life, we want everything to be perfect… a perfect family, a perfect wife, a perfect jobs, a perfect education so on and so forth… and I’m pretty sure in this situation, you’ll be kinda stress when you fail to make one thing to be perfect, as you wished it to be one…hmm…we tend to be sad when what we want, we can’t have it… what we wanna do, we fail to do it…

Another  thing  is, we LOVES  to eyeing other’s life and compare it to our life… we saw our neighbor buy a new expensive car, a new set of sofa, a new television  set and we become like, “arghh, I want to have it too!”…unfortunately, we can’t have it due to the fact that we can’t afford it, and that will certainly make us frustrated…this frustration  will make us always be in stress and it can also leads to few problems in future…nauzubillah…

As we look back and make self-reflection, we will find that we don’t really appreciate what we have in hand…and when we lose it, then, we’ll feel horrible… and the saddest thing is, it’s already too late for us to be regretful because that things has already gone and we have nothing now…so, do appreciate what you have in your hand! and be grateful for that!

It is about being grateful actually …being grateful of who and what we are… and also what we have and what we don’t have…because ALLAH says in Quran that,

“…And few of My servants are grateful.” (Saba’ : 13)

ALLAH had says so…“Qolilamma tasykurun….” …so, are we one of the ungrateful servants of ALLAH? once again, take a few minutes to make self-reflection!

I’d love to ask questions rather than mumbling… I wanna ask you something…  ALLAH has given us almost everything, isn’t it?  HE gives us life and soul…HE gives us ‘aqal so that we can differentiate what is good, what is bad and what is right, what is wrong...HE gives us O2, water, foods, shelters and many other things that we can’t imagine how much it is….and the most important is, HE gives us for FREE!  HE ask nothing as a return, except to worship HIM and take a good care of all things that HE gave…my question is, how much do we thank HIM for that? and do we really take a good care of all HIS gift? The responsible that HE give us, do we really work on it?

Enough for today I think… hope you’ll enjoy the vid and really hope it can motivate you, a lot! ;) insyaALLAH…

Note:  sorry for the broken English… it seems like I have to practice more…

(oh ALLAH, do ease every single thing that I do… )

Note: I’ve tried to upload this video to my Facebook … but it seems like it won’t work out… I’ve been uploaded it 3 times and not 1 of them succeed… so I decided to share it 
here…sorry for the inconvenient…

                                                  enjoy the vid!
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